All About Lechon
(Offered Friday evening and all day Saturday and Sunday. Due to the popular demand for our “lechon”, we recommend calling ahead to place your order.)
Lechon Per LB.
Dinakdakang Lechon
Lechon Paksiw
Lechon Sisig
Garlic Calamares (Stir-fried squid in garlic)
Crispy Calamares (Crispy squid)
Chicharon Bulaklak (Deep fried pork ruffles)
Tofu Sisig (Fried diced tofu w/ onions & jalapeno)
Lumpiang Shanghai (Spring rolls w/ sweet & sour sauce)
Chicken Empanaditas (Chicken turnovers) 6 pieces
Crispy Liempo (Crunchy pork belly strips)
Barbecue (Grilled chicken chunks)
Adobo (Chicken chunks braised in garlic-vinegar seasoning)
Chicken Sisig (Chopped grilled chicken in special sauce & spices)
Chicken Afritada (Chicken stew cooked in tomatoes w/ potatoes)
Fried Chicken (Half)
Fried Chicken (Whole)
Kare-kare (Stewed oxtail chunks in peanut sauce)
Beef Caldereta (Beef braised in special aromatic spices)
Beef Mechado (Stewed beef w/ potatoes & carrots)
Bistek (Tender beef in soy sauce w/ onion slices)
Beef Tapa (Thinly sliced beef marinated with soy sauce and garlic)
Sinigang Fiesta (Bangus belly, mussels & shrimp in fresh lemon soup)
Bangus Sa Miso (Bangus belly in “miso” broth)
Beef Nilaga (Beef broiled to tenderness w/ vegetables)
Sinigang Pork (Pork in tamarind soup w/ vegetables)
Sinigang Beef (Beed in tamarind soup w/ vegetables)
Sinigang Shrimp (Shrimp simmered in tamarind soup w/ vegetables)
Sinigang Na Bangus (“Bangus” belly in tamarind soup w/ vegetables)
Chicken Tinola (Chicken in ginger broth)
Bulalo (Beef shank soup w/ vegetables)
Lomi Soup (Thick noodles w/ quail egg, pork, fish balls & shrimp)
Side Orders
Steamed Rice
Steamed Rice Ala Carte
Garlic Rice
Garlic Rice Ala Carte
Adobo Rice
Adobo Rice Ala Carte
Binagoongan Rice (Rice w/ diced pork, tomatoes, mangoes, & shrimp paste)
Daing Fried Rice (Fried rice w/ salted fish strips & egg)
Chorizo Fried Rice (Fried rice w/ anatto-flavoured chinese sausage
Dilis Fried Rice (Fried rice w/ dried anchoves)
Soda (Coke, Diet Coke, Sprite)
Calamansi Juice
Mango Juice
Buko Juice
Big Breakfast
Tocilog (Tocino, adobo rice, fried egg, salted egg & tomato)
Longsilog (Longanisa, adobo rice, fried egg, salted egg & tomato)
Tapsilog (Tapa, adobo rice, fried egg, salted egg & tomato)
Bangsilog (Bangus, adobo rice, fried egg, salted egg & tomato)
Pancit Bihon (Thin rice noodles)
Pancit Miki-Bihon (Rice and egg noodles combo)
Pancit Miki Guisado (Stir-fried thick egg noodles)
Pancit Palabok (Rice noodles w/ shrimp sauce, fish flakes & pork rind)
Pancit Canton (Egg noodles)
Bam-I (Vermicelli and egg noodles combo)
Crispy Pata 1 pc. or 2 pcs. (Crispy fried pork hock served with vinegar dipping sauce) )
Crispy Pata al Ajillo 1 pc. or 2 pcs. (Crispy fried pork hock topped with garlic jalapeño sauce))
Sisig (Grilled pork in special sauce, spices, onions & peppers)
Adobo (Chunks of pork braised in garlic-vinegar seasoning)
Dinuguan (Meat stew in rich sauce)
Crispy Dinuguan (Crispy meat stew)
Crispy Binagoongan (Diced crispy pork served over eggplant & cooked w/ shrimp paste)
Lechon Kawali (Crispy pan-fried roasted pork)
Menudo (Pork in tomato sauce w/ vegetables)
Daing Na Bangus (Fried marinated milkfish)
Bangus Sisig (Milkfish served w/ onions & jalapeno)
Bistek Bangus Belly (“Bangus” belly in soy sauce topped w/ onions)
Adobong Pusit (Fresh squid cooked in garlic, vinegar and its black ink)
Fish Fillet Escabeche (Fillet of fish in sweet-sour sauce)
Laing (Taro leaves in coconut milk)
Chopsuey (Mixed vegetables w/ pork, shrimp & quail eggs)
Sitaw-Kalabasa (Saute’d string beans, squash, pork & shrimp cooked w/ or w/o coconut milk)
Adobong Okra / Sitaw (Choice of okra or string beans w/ pork cooked in garlic-vinegar)
Pinakbet (Vegetable stew of eggplant, bitter melon, okra, squash, string beans, pork & shrimp)
Bicol Express (Vegetable stew sauteed in coconut cream)
Eggplant Relyeno (Ground pork & eggplant omelet)
Tortang Talong (Plain eggplant omelet)
Fresh Lumpia (Vegetables in homemade egg wrapper)
Bobo Cha-Cha
Buko-Pandan Cups
Leche Flan
Turon (Special Order)



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