All About Lechon
Lechon Waray (Tuesday & Thursday Dinner) $14.95
Lechon Cebu (Wednesday & Friday Dinner / Saturday & Sunday Lunch) $14.95
Traditional Lechon (Saturday and Sunday Dinner) $14.95
Sizzling Lechon Sisig $12.95
Dinakdakang Lechon $12.95
Lechon Paksiw $11.75
Sinigang Na Lechon $13.95
Tastebuds Sampler ★ (Chicharon Bulaklak, Lumpiang Shanghai & Chicken Empanaditas) $12.00
Garlic Calamares ★ (Stir-fried squid in garlic) $13.00
Crispy Calamares (Crispy squid) $12.50
Chicharon Bulaklak (Deep fried pork ruffles) $12.50
Lumpiang Shanghai ★ (Spring rolls w/ sweet & sour sauce) $10.95
Chicken Empanaditas (Chicken turnovers) 6 pieces $7.50
Tofu Sisig ★ (Fried diced tofu w/ onions & jalapeno) $10.95
Crispy Liempo (Crunchy pork belly strips) $10.75
Barbecue ★ (Grilled chicken chunks) $13.25
Adobo (Chicken chunks braised in garlic-vinegar seasoning) $12.75
Sisig (Chopped grilled chicken in special sauce & spices) $12.75
Afritada (Chicken stew cooked in tomatoes w/ potatoes) $12.75
Fried Chicken ★ Half $10.50 Whole $15.95
Kare-kare ★ (Stewed oxtail chunks in peanut sauce) $17.00
Beef Estofado (Stewed beef w/ beans, carrots & banana) $15.50
Beef Caldereta (Beef braised in special aromatic spices) $15.50
Beef Mechado (Stewed beef w/ potatoes & carrots) $15.50
Bistek ★ (Tender beef in soy sauce w/ onion slices) $15.50
Crispy Shortribs ★ (Pinalutong na “Tadyang”) $16.00
Barbeque Short Ribs (Rib roasted in special sauce) $16.50
Sinigang Fiesta ★ (Bangus belly, mussels & shrimp in fresh lemon soup) $17.00
Bangus Sa Miso (Bangus belly in “miso” broth) $16.00
Beef Nilaga ★ (Beef broiled to tenderness w/ vegetables) $15.50
Sinigang Pork / Beef (Choice of pork or beef in tamarind soup w/ vegetables) $14.25 $15.50
Sinigang Shrimp (Shrimp simmered in tamarind soup w/ vegetables) $15.50
Sinigang Na Bangus ★ (“Bangus” belly in tamarind soup w/ vegetables) $16.00
Tinola (Choice of chicken or mussels in ginger broth) $13.75
Bulalo (Beef shank soup w/ vegetables) $17.00
Lomi Soup ★ (Thick noodles w/ quail egg, pork, fish balls & shrimp) $12.50
Side Orders
Steamed Rice Single $1.95 3-4 pax $6.50
Garlic Rice Single $2.75 3-4 pax $8.75
Adobo Rice Single $2.75 3-4 pax $8.75
Binagoongan Rice ★ (Rice w/ diced pork, tomatoes, mangoes, & shrimp paste) $12.75/platter
Daing Fried Rice ★ (Fried rice w/ salted fish strips & egg) $12.00/platter
Chorizo Fried Rice (Fried rice w/ anatto-flavoured chinese sausage $12.00/platter
Dilis Fried Rice (Fried rice w/ dried anchoves) $12.00/platter
Soda (Coke, Diet Coke, Sprite Sunkist) $1.95
Iced Tea $2.75
Coffee / Hot Tea $1.95
Calamansi Juice $3.00
Mango Juice $3.00
Mango-Calamansi Juice $3.00
Buko Juice $3.00
Big Breakfast
Si-log Royale ★ (Beef tapa, pork tocino & pork longaniza combo) $10.50
Tocidobo (Tocino, adobo rice, fried egg, salted egg & tomato) $9.95
Longadobo (Longanisa, adobo rice, fried egg, salted egg & tomato) $9.95
Tapadobo (Tapa, adobo rice, fried egg, salted egg & tomato) $9.95
Bangdobo (Bangus, adobo rice, fried egg, salted egg & tomato) $9.95
Pancit Bihon (Thin rice noodles) $12.75
Pancit Miki-Bihon ★ (Rice and egg noodles combo) $12.75
Pancit Palabok (Rice noodles w/ shrimp sauce, fish flakes & pork rind) $12.75
Pancit Miki Guisado (Stir-fried thick egg noodles) $12.75
Pancit Canton (Egg noodles) $12.75
Bam-I ★ (Vermicelli and egg noodles combo) $12.75
Menudo (Pork in tomato sauce w/ vegetables) $12.95
Crispy Pata ★ (Deep-fried leg of pork) 1 pc. $12.00 2 pcs. $18.00
Pata Tim ★ (Pork leg braised in brown sauce) $13.75
Sisig ★ (Grilled pork in special sauce, spices, onions & peppers) $13.25
Adobo (Chunks of pork braised in garlic-vinegar seasoning) $12.95
Dinuguan (Meat stew in rich sauce) $12.95
Crispy Dinuguan ★ (Crispy meat stew) $13.50
Crispy Binagoongan ★ (Diced crispy pork served over eggplant & cooked w/ shrimp paste) $16.50
Lechon Kawali (Crispy pan-fried roasted pork) $13.25
Lechon (Available on Tue. to Fri. nights, and Sat & Sun only, while supply lasts) $14.95/lb.
Kinulob Na Bangus ★ (“Bangus” belly w/ tomatoes & onions) $15.00
Sarsiadong Bangus Belly (Milkfish simmered in egg & tomato) $15.00
Daing Na Bangus (Fried marinated milkfish) $16.50
Bangus Sisig ★ (Milkfish served w/ onions & jalapeno) $17.50
Bistek Bangus Belly (“Bangus” belly in soy sauce topped w/ onions) $14.95
Seafood Kare-kare (Prawns, mussels, & squid in peanut sauce) $17.50
Camaron Rebosado (Fried prawns) $14.25
Fish Fillet Escabeche ★ (Fillet of fish in sweet-sour sauce) $14.00
Adobong Pusit (Fresh squid cooked in garlic, vinegar & its black ink) $14.00
Pinasingawang Isda (Steamed fish fillet in soy sauce) $16.00
Laing (Taro leaves in coconut milk) $13.75
Chopsuey ★ (Mixed vegetables w/ pork, shrimp & quail eggs) $13.00
Sitaw-Kalabasa (Saute’d string beans, squash, pork & shrimp cooked w/ or w/o coconut milk) $13.00
Adobong Okra / Sitaw (Choice of okra or string beans w/ pork cooked in garlic-vinegar) $13.00
Pinakbet ★ (Vegetable stew of eggplant, bitter melon, okra, squash, string beans, pork & shrimp) $13.00
Bicol Express ★ (Vegetable stew sauteed in coconut cream) $13.00
Eggplant Relyeno (Ground pork & eggplant omelet) $13.00
Tortang Talong (Plain eggplant omelet) $9.75
Fresh Lumpia ★ (Vegetables in homemade egg wrapper) $7.50
Mongo Guisado (Beans w/ spinach) $13.00
Halo-halo ★ $5.95
Bobo Cha- $5.45
Buko-Pandan Salad ★ $5.45
Leche Flan $4.25
Ice Cream $3.50
Sago-Gulaman $3.95
Mais Con Yelo $4.25
Alcoholic Drinks (Must be of legal age. Photo I.D. required)
San Miguel Beer $4.25
Red or White Wine $4.25/glass $20.00/bottle

*Tastebuds Favorites ★
*A service charge of 15% is applied to parties of 6 or more.